Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful Day...

It is such nice weather here is southeast Texas!(Granted, it is a little warm for spring..)  Yesterday, Scott and I went to the movies and out to eat.  I have to give my sweet man credit...he has always went with the flow when it comes to my geeky side.  I am a huge reader and I can read a book or two in a weekend.  My favorite series is Potter.  My man does not like science fiction, fantasy, or reading for pleasure.  But yesterday, he laced up his tennis shoes and took me to see "The Hunger Games".  Yes, I read the entire series about a year ago.  He has seen every Potter movie, Percy Jackson, and...Twilight.  Yep.  I am loved.  He has seen all of the Twilight movies and could probably explain what is going on in the series.  He has stood in line with me for a couple of Potter midnight premieres.  Trust me, it is not his cup of tea. But he does it because he loves me....well, and he is racking up credit for when he has something he wants..I'm just sayin'...

Austen came for a visit.  It was nice to see him.  He hung around a little more than usual and that was nice.  We didn't know that he was coming, so when he opened his bedroom door on Saturday morning while Scott and I were getting dressed to leave, I screamed a little! Haha!  He rode with a friend, so there was no car in the driveway!  So how were we to know???

I planted some new plants in the back yard.  I'm excited because I'm trying to get some hummingbird visitors!  I bought a honeysuckle vine, as well as a hibiscus and a couple of red petaled hanging plants.  Come on, birds!  Your feeder is waiting.

My ankle is healing OK.  I don't have to use a crutch anymore.  I fell down a couple of stairs at school last Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, my ankle area was painful and swollen.  I didn't work on Wednesday, but the final x-rays came in and nothing was broken (like they made it seem).  I just have a bad sprain.  It feels "wobbly", but much better.  I still can't turn it certain ways, but I can walk on it much better.

Well, next weekend is 4 days of bliss!  Both of my kiddos will be home, so the place will be crowded.  But I'm up to it!!

Until then,


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