Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where your treasure is...

Scott and I have been pretty busy lately.  Yep.  Work, school, CABLE.  Yep.  Really busy.

We had things planned to do once our kids left home.  We just don't seem to get around to doing it!  Today we were ecastatic that we could sit around the house all day!  It only takes us about 15 minutes total to pick up our messes from the last week!  But geez, we need to come up with something or WE are going to grow very old very fast.  So we've decided that next weekend will be our yard weekend.  We are going to start redoing the backyard and make it look like a comfortable place to hang ouut and barbecue.

I do know that, thanks to Pinterest and Megan, I have been cooking a lot more and trying a lot of new recipes.  Scott has been thrilled.  He is so happy that now I get to take care of him and him alone. I will say that I miss my kids every day.  But I do like being able to watch whatever I want, going to the gym and spending 2 hours or 20 minutes, etc.  But I think I may end up growing bored really fast.  So, I'm going to start some of these projects.  Hopefully, when Megan comes back to the nest after John's deployment, she will be able to do projects with me.

Even though my girl will be back at my house and back in Texas, she will never return "home".  Her home is with John and I know that.  So I've decided our house will be her nest.  We've taught her and Austen to fly, but they can always come back to the nest...until I push them out! HAHA!

My parting quote comes from the Bible AND, yes, Harry Potter:

Where you treasure is, your heart will be also

This is so my life right now.  My heart is with my two "treasures".

Until I think again...



I am your newest follower. I love this post and I totally agree! I'm a new blogger too. I love pinterest too and my hubby loves the benefits - his name is Scott too. :o) Come visit me sometime.
God bless!
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Hi Vicky!! So glad to have you aboard! Pinterest is my addiction! I love your blog...I follow it on my teaching blog!

Have a fantastic week!

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