Sunday, March 4, 2012

One more week...

This will be a short post.  I burned my finger with hot grease tonight and it is KILLING me to type.  But I promised myself I would keep my reflection journals going.  So here I am. 

Austen came home from CStat on Thursday.  He said he missed us, but his iPhone came in.  So...we BELIEVE he was homesick and ignore the FACTS...he wanted his iPhone.  But that's ok.  He's 19 and all he's worried about right now is school, girls, electronics, and food.  The order varies day-to-day.  Haha!  He's back at school now.  He promised to text when he arrived...I'm still waiting...I'll text him in a minute...

Scott and I worked in the backyard today.  We started this little project with a measly budget.  But we got a lot done.  Of course, now, my sweet husband aches all over and is just miserable. 

Oh, I texted Austen.  He said he's home..."I always forget! Sorry!"  Really???? It's only an hour and a half drive!! Oh well...

Back to the yard...that's one of the downfalls of having an empty nest.  Kids gone = Scott needs more love! Bless his little heart...I said, "Awww, sweetie, are you ok?  Please be careful!  I don't want you to hurt yourself!  I know you're tired and not getting any younger!  Why don't you go lay down?"  When I burned my hand..."You okay??? Why are you yelling?? Here, let me finish dinner.  Sorry about your hand.  What is this you're making?  Looks good!  I'm hungry!" (As I stand at the sink watching blisters form!!!)

Not that much different than children, hunh?

Spring Break is a week from tomorrow!! No work for me and my babies will be home.  Megan will come home from North Carolina near the end of Spring Break without John.  He has to work.  Austen will come home for the free food and gas money. Oh, and he misses me. ::chuckle::

I hope they don't interrupt my routines! HAHAHAHA!!!

Until next Sunday!!!

Can you say OOOUUUUCCCCHHHHH??????


Michelle Tsivgadellis

Oh MY!!! I really hate the feeling of being burned. My son burned his hand over the weekend (not really bad - just minor) while sitting by the fire in our back yard )-; He was in sooo much pain. I sure hope you feel better & maybe this will help...

I am now following you (-;


The 3AM Teacher


Thank you so much! It doesn't hurt too bad anymore, but there is this ugly bubble on my finger. The school nurse told me not to pop it because the bubble is a sterile environment and it will help it heal! I did not know that!

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