Sunday, March 11, 2012

One to go...

Happy Sunday!! It is for me!  I am on Spring Break so there is no work tomorrow! YES!
Austen and me

My wonderful Austen came in from College Station on Friday.  He had to wait in traffic for 4 hours because President Obama was in town.  (I won't talk politics...) When Austen got home he was not happy at all.  He grumped (that's a word we created for Austen) around a bit, dropped his bag, ate dinner, and left.  He has been home for 48 hours and we have seen him for about 3.  But that's ok...such is the life of a 19 year old.  It's a little weird to see his toothbrush and toiletries in a case on the counter instead of in a drawer.  It reminds me that now, he's just visiting. 

Our Megan and her John

We were very lucky to Skype with Megan and John tonight.  Megan is shutting home down in North Carolina.  John is getting deployed, so she will head home at the end of next week, with Bentley in tow.  I can't wait to see her!  We bought a yellow ribbon and a holder for our flag so that we can represent John and his service.  The ribbon will stay up until he comes home to her.  She will stay with us and continue her online classes, then head back up to Sam Houston for the summer and fall.  She is one strong young woman and I am proud to call her my daughter.

Scott and I spent the day together yesterday.  A trip to the movie theater and dinner was in order.  It was nice to have that time together.  Even though we are alone most of the time, between work and school, we don't do much.  So weekends are great around here!  With the kids coming home for a while, it will feel like we are back on parent patrol. 

We were going to work in the backyard again, but the Texas rain was terrible!! Really, that's nothing new...we're both Texans, and southeast Texas weather has been cranky our whole lives.  Anyway, we really need to wait until the weather clears up, hopefully sometime this week.  It just means I'll have to do it on my own. 

My finger has healed nicely, though the skin around it is still very tender.  The blister bubble has popped.  I will definitely have a lifetime scar.  I'll tell my grandchildren about the day that I burned my finger and Grandpa was worried as to whether dinner was ready or not!! LOL

I had to really think about my decision to stay at my school for the next school year.  We have the opportunity, every year, to put our name on the transfer list.  If an opening at another campus comes up,we have the chance to be interviewed or offered that position.  I considered it, seriously, for the first time ever.  And on Monday, I was going to do it for sure. I filled out the paperwork and everything. Another teacher was putting their name on the list and I hate to see that teacher go.  Plus, a principal of another school told me a few years ago that she would always look for me on the list.  She's now a principal at a nearby school.  I love my school and I have close friends there that I care about.  But I am tired of having to close my door to be happy or comfortable.  There's a "fakeness" that I can't keep up with.  I love my team teacher.  She is awesome and takes everything in stride.  I have become good friends with her and with the teacher I partnered with last year. And I absolutely adore and love working with the students at our school.  But I'm tired of workplace drama, etc.  Plus, with the new STAAR requirements and ESL, I was more stressed that I needed to be.

But, I talked with a good friend, my husband, and my boss.  I have decided to stay one more year.  If I feel this same way next year, then it is time for a change to another campus.  I started my career 5 years later than many other teachers out there.  Most start when they are 24.  So I still see education through rose-colored glasses. But the summer always provides a time to break away from routine and I'm always excited about the next year.  And I will be ready for 2012/13. 

I'm off to wash work clothes for Scott, dinner dishes, etc.  I'm so glad not to have to worry about getting fancy dressed in the morning!!!

Oh, and Scott has agreed to update the blog once in a while!!! He has a lot to say (and 1500 Facebook friends ).  So he wants to get involved! LOL  I don't mind...after all, this is about OUR adventure.

See ya next Sunday!!!



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